28 Jul 2014

Sport: Fiji Rugby Union to offer full-time sevens contracts

11:05 am on 28 July 2014

The Fiji Rugby Union will introduce full-time player contracts for the upcoming World Sevens Series, and have also announced a higher threshold for bonus payments.

Players viewed as world class by the coaching staff will be paid FJ$20,000 Fijian dollars per season, with those just below that level earning FJ$17,500 and established squad members $FJ15,000.

Non-contracted players will earn FJ$1000 for each tournament they are selected for while all players will receive a daily allowance.

Fiji Sevens coach Ben Ryan says the contracts will be reviewed on a monthly basis and are not an excuse for players to relax or take their position for granted.

"All players will be on probationary periods [and] will have to hit standards on and off the field to maintain discipline as well as show that they're playing to the best of their abilty and the tier structure works in a flexible way that it will reward players so they can move up the tiers and they can move down the tiers".

Ben Ryan says he's also asked main sponsor Vodafone to raise the standard for bonus payments, meaning players can earn extra cash if Fiji finish in the top five of a World Series tournament.

There will also be discretionary bonuses given out for winning key matches or meeting certain fitness standards.