25 Jul 2014

Fiji's CCF promotes public conversations ahead of poll

8:25 am on 25 July 2014

Fiji's Citizens Constitutional Forum is insisting its planned series of public "conversations" isn't a breach of the country's electoral decree.

The discussions will be held at the University of the South Pacific in tandem with the launch of forum-funded research papers into constititutional matters such as what constitutes free and fair elections.

The decree prohibits any group receiving foreign funding from campaigning on election issues, which includes organising debates, meetings or publishing information.

But the head of the forum, Akuila Yabaki, says the conversations are for research and information purposes only and are designed to stimulate excitement for the election.

"The organisation is not interested in campaigning. We are providing a space for conversations and in the way we're facilitating it, all participants will know that they cannot promote any particular party or political candidate."

Akuila Yabaki says the forum has extended an invitation to a number of parties and organisations, including the government, who have all shown an interest in attending.