25 Jul 2014

RAMSI details Solomons police re-arming plan

7:51 am on 25 July 2014

The special co-ordinator for the Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands says plans to re-arm the country's police will involve the highest standards of training and oversight.

Justine Braithwaite was speaking during a ceremony in Honiara marking 11 years in the country.

For the past year RAMSI's focus has been on rebuilding the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force and Ms Braithwaite says a key aspect of this is limited re-armament of officers, which has been sanctioned by the Solomons parliament.

She says the Solomons government wanted some re-arming because without guns some key policing functions cannot be performed.

Ms Braithwaite says the re-arming project will involve rigorous assessment and training of officers, the development of policy, the building of armouries and consulting with communities.

She says RAMSI is conscious of the sensitivities over rearming so it will be a closely monitored, phased process, done only with the approval of the government.

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Photo: RAMSI Public Affairs