24 Jul 2014

US and allies providing social services in Tonga

4:19 pm on 24 July 2014

A multi national military team led by the United States' Pacific Command is in Tonga providing health, education and other community services.

The humanitarian programme, Pacific Angel, which includes members from seven different nations, is nearing the end of a two week run in Tongatapu, Ha'apai and Vava'u.

Services include a makeshift clinic set up in a local school hall which has offered physical therapy, optometry, and dental and family medicine services.

It also included a pharmacy.

Major Maama Misi from the Tongan Defence Force says the operation has been a huge help to residents.

We receive a lot of people every day and there was a certain time we have to stop the services in order for the doctors to rest. In general they very much appreciate the assistance. And every day there are more people that come and it shows that they appreciate and they use the services provided.

The Tongan Defence Force's Major Maama Misi.