23 Jul 2014

American Samoa store given week to clean up rats

8:13 pm on 23 July 2014

The biggest retail store on American Samoa has been given one week to deal with rat infestation and unsanitary conditions before it can be allowed to open again.

Cost U Less has been shut down by the Department of Health after a number of complaints were made about rats in the Tafuna store, or bought items possibly being eaten by rats.

Inspectors found that food products were placed on the floor making it easy for rats to access, the store's meat cutting room was unsanitary, and there were concerns with the storage of frozen goods.

Our correspondent, Monica Miller, says while the public is pleased the Department has taken this step, it is a store that many rely on.

"This is a very popular store, it's frequented by indiviual customers, families, because you can buy in bulk from there. In addition to that, Cost-U-Less supplies a lot of the smaller 'Mom and Pop' stores in villages."

Monica Miller says Cost-U-Less wouldn't comment except to say it is co-operating with the Department of Health.