21 Jul 2014

Sport: Micronesian Games underway in Pohnpei

10:39 am on 21 July 2014

The eighth edition of the Micronesian Games is underway in Pohnpei, in the Federated States of Micronesia.

The opening ceremony was held on Sunday evening with the athletics programme the first sport out of the blocks on Monday.

Tennis, softball, swimming, wrestling and baseball are also in action during the first day of competition.

The Sports Director for this year's Games event, Jim Tobin, says, while the majority of athletes are under 20 years old, the event is still very valuable to the competing nations and territories.

"That's what makes these Games for our islands on Pohnpei and the other visitors is to inter-mingle with each other because it's all different languages, all different cultures and sports is a great way to break the barriers of language and culture just to play. I think the success is all the islands win a fair share of the medals because they've all tried very hard. I think the success of the Games we will find out from our leaders after everyone goes home is how much they enjoyed the Games and maybe, if the Games are a success, then our local governments can reflect and make sports recreation and health prevention a higher priority in the funding of the governments".

The Director of the Micronesian Games, Jim Tobin.

The event runs until the end of the month.