21 Jul 2014

Sport: PNG Hunters helping Fiji Bid Team

10:39 am on 21 July 2014

Former Fiji rugby league captain Petero Civoniceva says the Papua New Guinea Hunters have been a big help in their bid to enter a team in the New South Wales Cup.

The Fiji Bid Team, led by Civoniceva and Greg Browne, last week secured the rights to enter a team in the State competition from 2016.

The move was endorsed by the New South Wales Rugby League Board, along with the Fiji National Rugby League and the Fiji Sports Council.

The Hunters organisation went through a similar process to gain entry into the Queensland Cup and Petero Civoniceva says their discussions gave them a better understanding about what was required of them.

"We were really excited [by] the opportunity to meet with them and that will continue right through this whole process. That's something we're very grateful to the PNG Hunters for extending that to us. Hopefully that will help us in being able to speed up this process. Obviously time-frame is an issue so any information we can get that can help us to establish ourselves quickly, we're obviously very grateful for that".

The former Fiji rugby league captain Petero Civoniceva.