16 Jul 2014

Port Vila residents meet to discuss pontoon proposal

8:10 pm on 16 July 2014

Residents frustrated with the lack of consultation on proposed wharf developments in Vanuatu are holding their own public meeting to vent their concerns.

The Star Wharf in Port Vila Harbour will be redeveloped with foreign aid funding.

A temporary pontoon to accommodate shipping traffic while the redevelopment takes place has been proposed.

Port Vila, Vanuatu.

Port Vila, Vanuatu. Photo: RNZ

A local resident Ross Ward says there was no opportunity for public consultation on the proposal and Thursday's meeting will allow locals to voice their opinions.

"It's been completely under the table and the public have got no idea and that's why we're trying to have a meeting with everyone to try and establish what is actually going on. Because the wharf area has been one of the biggest congested areas and the thoughts are that the traffic is going to be very very bad."

Ross Ward says he hopes the meeting will generate some alternative solutions to the pontoon proposal.