16 Jul 2014

Fiji Elections Office ramps up voter education

3:55 pm on 16 July 2014

The Fiji Elections Office is confident that all registered voters will be fully aware of the voting process in time for the election in September.

The Office recently carried out a voter education workshop at the National Youth Forum, at the invitation of the Citizens' Constitutional Forum, which included a mock voting session.

Its Partnership Coordinator, Losana McGowan, says the public are hungry for information about voting in the country's first democratic election since 2006.

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She says civic educators are visiting all the communities and schools that have students of a voting age.

"We have a media awareness campaign that's also been running for a month now, and it will run until September 17th; we have a call centre that's about to open in the next few days. We are confident that come September 17th all the registered voters will be fully aware of our process."

The Elections Office Partnership Coordinator Losana McGowan.