16 Jul 2014

Vanuatu motion of no-confidence support withdrawn

6:55 am on 16 July 2014

Support by government MPs for a planned motion of no-confidence by Vanuatu's opposition against the Prime Minister Joe Natuman has been withdrawn.

Support for the opposition's motion was initially signalled by around 8 backbenchers in the government coalition.

A member of deputy Prime Minister Ham Lini's National United Party who had signed the motion, Morkin Steven, has now informed the opposition that he is withdrawing his support.

The NUP office says that 7 other MPs have also withdrawn their support from the motion.

Last week, the opposition leader Moana Carcasses claimed that they had the support of 29 of the parliament's 52 MPs.

The opposition is understood to have only mustered the support of 21 MPs concerning the motion.

Vanuatu opposition leader Moana Carcasses

Vanuatu opposition leader Moana Carcasses Photo: RNZ / Johnny Blades