15 Jul 2014

PNG anti-corruption director being tailed

7:35 pm on 15 July 2014

The director of Papua New Guinea's anti-corruption unit, Task Force Sweep, says no amount of intimidation will stop him from doing his job.

Sam Koim's unit was disbanded after it alleged that the Prime Minister, Peter O'Neill, was involved in corrupt payments to Paul Paraka lawyers, but was re-instated by court order last week.

But despite the order, Mr Koim's close-protection officers were last week disarmed and stripped of their vehicle.

The vehicle has since been returned and the arms are expected to be returned later in the week.

Mr Koim says police have also been following him and sitting outside his office and home

He says he's asked police for an explanation, but none has been given.

Mr Koim says it's blatant harassment by authorities.

"It's part of the overall intimidation that they are doing. But we will not be deterred by all of this, we remain steadfast to see the rule of law being upheld in this country."

Sam Koim says nothing will stop him from fighting corruption in PNG.