14 Jul 2014

Too early for Cooks coalition talks

7:57 am on 14 July 2014

The leader of the One Cook Islands party, Teina Bishop, says it's too early to discuss possible coalitions for forming the next government.

An early count shows the Democratic Party has 11 seats while the Cook Islands Party has won ten.

The One Cook Islands party has two seats and one seat is tied.

It has been suggested One Cook Islands will hold the balance of power.

Its leader, Teina Bishop, says there are so many advance and postal votes that there will definitely be changes to the final result.

"At the moment we're just interested to do what is best for the country and if that's the role we have to play, then that's the role we have to play, that's what people speculate, but at the end of the day our two seats are important to form a government at this stage."

Teina Bishop says he's confident they will keep their two seats considering the margins they were won by.