12 Jul 2014

Sport: Late tour a welcome headache for Fiji cricket coach

12:38 pm on 12 July 2014

Fiji cricket coach Shane Jurgensen says this month's Korean tour has been a welcome late addition to the playing schedule.

The former Bangladesh national coach has been in Fiji for six weeks getting up to speed on his new job and new surroundings.

His first official match in charge was originally going to be on October's tour of India but Jurgensen says he's more than happy with the added workload.

"It's perfect for me to see my players in action in the game because that's what you need to see. You can look really great in the nets and be fantastic but sometimes out in the field it's more than just sort of techniques: tactics, how you face bowlers, how you manipulate the strike as a batter, where you bowl as a bowler and that's what I need to see. It can be really good in the nets but you've got to go our there and do it in a game in the open pressures and that so that's what I really needed to see so this has been fantastic. We will see ten games against Korea and then straight after these games we will see two days of national trials, so it's a great build-up".

Fiji cricket coach Shane Jurgensen.

Korea continue their tour tomorrow with two matches against a Fiji A team, featuring a number of national squad members.