11 Jul 2014

PNG Attorney General ordered to appear in court

7:42 am on 11 July 2014

Papua New Guinea's attorney general has been ordered to appear in court this morning to justify his public statement earlier this week that the Paraka payments which have engulfed PNG politics are legal.

On Tuesday, Ano Pala announced that there was nothing illegal or criminal in payments by the state to Paul Paraka's law firm and had advised the police to drop the case because new evidence exonerated those involved.

He later retracted the determination, but was yesterday summoned to appear before the National Court to explain the statements and to determine whether he was in contempt of court.

Our correspondent, Todagia Kelola, says Mr Pala will today have to provide the evidence he made to make his determination to the judge.

"If he provides it tomorrow the three man bench will have a look at it and will determine whether the attorney general has committed contempt, or if the three man bench thinks he hasn't committed contempt then he might be let loose."

Our correspondent in PNG, Todagia Kelola.