8 Jul 2014

Manhunt underway after murder in PNG

4:47 pm on 8 July 2014

A manhunt is underway in Papua New Guinea after a murder of a senior Foreign Affairs and Trade officer.

Dennis Taylor Bebego, from Oro Province, was killed, allegedly by one of his workmates using a bush knife.

A senior police commander in Port Moresby, N'Dranou Perou, says the suspect is still on the run and police are monitoring his home.

Mr Perou told our correspondent in Port Moresby that the victim was in his office when the suspect walked in and locked the door.

The suspect then attacked the victim with a bush knife and other staff tried to open the door before running for help.

The suspect escaped and the police found the officer dead with multiple knife wounds to his head, right hand and right leg.

The murder weapon was left at the scene of the crime.