7 Jul 2014

Fiji opposition hits back at PM

7:21 am on 7 July 2014

The United Front for a Democratic Fiji says the Prime Minister's recent criticism of opposition parties was spurred by fear of what could happen if he loses in September's election.

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Photo: RNZ

Last week, Rear Admiral Frank Bainimarama cautioned people about voting for what he called the "tired old faces" of politics, describing the opposition as a coalition of hypocrites who want to wind back the clock on his government's reforms.

But Mick Beddoes says that claim is nonsense, as the parties only want to end a culture of military coups that have plagued the country's recent history.

Mr Beddoes says the criticism from the regime is out of fear that his immunity could be withdrawn by a new government.

"The problem remains that all of the issues, all of the problems, all of the upheavals, other than by natural disasters, the major upheavals in Fiji since independence has been military coups. And he is one of the instigators, so for him to be suggesting that we want to go back there, then he is talking nonsense."

Mick Beddoes of the United Front for a Democratic Fiji.