5 Jul 2014

Sport:Pacific Games organisers hoping to break down negative stereotypes

9:17 am on 5 July 2014

The head of the 2015 Pacific Games in Port Moresby says next year's event is a chance to showcase Papua New Guinea and break down stereotypes.

Four thousand athletes and officials are expected in the PNG capital next July for the two weeks of competition across 28 sports.

The CEO of the 2015 Pacific Games, Peter Stewart, says Papua New Guinea is a country that can do a lot more than dig things out of the ground and the Games is a chance for visitors to see what the country has to offer.

"It certainly is true that a lot of people are concerned about security here in Port Moresby and there's lots of bad publicity that goes around the Pacific. As somebody that lives here, that's not how it's like at all. It's very safe to walk down the street, there's very friendly people all over the place. I would encourage particularly friends and families of the athletes who are going to be competing in the Games not to be discouraged from coming because of the things they hear. If they come along we will be looking after them, they will be made to feel welcome and they will have a fantastic time."

Peter Stewart says with one year to go until the start of the Games, organisers remain confident all venues and accommodation will be completed in time and on budget.