4 Jul 2014

Re-arming of some police in Solomons closer

6:29 am on 4 July 2014

The Royal Solomon Islands Police Force, or RSIPF, says the re-introduction of lethal firearms to parts of the force is progressing well.

The Minister for Police, Chris Laore, says because of previous unrest in the country, it will reintroduce weapons with caution.

Mr Laore says three units have received approval from cabinet to have weapons issued - the Police Response Unit, the Close Personal Protection Unit and the police at the international airport.

The RSIPF says officers from these units will only have access to firearms when they have passed rigorous training, and will be monitored.

It says any officer who does not meet expectations will be removed from the programme.

It says it will be engaged in an extensive community outreach programme through meetings in Honiara to explain the importance of the project and to hear people's views.