3 Jul 2014

Samoan allegedly stole from school bands

2:35 pm on 3 July 2014

A Samoan man, operating a travel agency in the U.S. state of Utah, has been accused of stealing more than half a million dollars from two high school marching bands.

Calliope Saaga was first charged in May this year at the federal court in Missouri with allegedly misappropriating 360 thousand US dollars.

The money was to send the Willard High School Band in Missouri to Hawai'i two years ago.

Now, federal prosecutors in Arkansas have also charged Mr Saaga with a similar offence involving a Southside High School Marching Band, involving 272 thousand US dollars, again for the band to travel to Hawai'i.

According to prosecutors the defendant used the money to finance his personal lifestyle, which included gambling in Las Vegas and travel to Samoa.