2 Jul 2014

New limits coming for Pacific albacore

3:46 pm on 2 July 2014

The Pacific Islands Forum Fisheries Agency says new limits on southern albacore tuna will be in place before the end of the year.

The Director General, James Movick, says the Forum countries have made progress towards a declaration on conservation measures for southern albacore, at a meeting this week in Tokelau.

He says he is hoping to take a unified voice to the major Tuna Commission meeting in December.



Mr Movick says the move will give greater economic leverage to small island states, but only if they work together.

"Collectively we will all agree that those will be the limits that we'll use. And then we will go the Tuna Commission and say alright, about 66 to 70 per cent of the fishing is inside the exclusive economic zones, we have set our limits, now you go ahead and set limits for the high seas and you need to stick to that."

James Movick says a binding measure will be set by October the 25th.