1 Jul 2014

More measures against rape needed in Vanuatu

7:38 pm on 1 July 2014

Vanuatu Women Against Crime says the government is failing to protect victims as the number of rape and murder cases continue to climb.

Its chair, Jenny Ligo, says the government put measures to protect victims in place in 2008, but they have been ineffective and are largely unenforced.

Ms Ligo says her group is supportive of the Justice Minister, Alfred Carlot, who recently said he wants tougher laws against murder and rape.

But she says it is not just about changing the law.

"We want to find out solutions - what is wrong that we continue to have all these rapists, all these murderers. We are not talking about only the victims, but what is wrong with the criminals, what is wrong with the system?"

Jenny Ligo says there are up to three reported rapes a week in Vanuatu, and women are forced to carry knives to protect themselves.