1 Jul 2014

UNICEF director 'shocked' by poor indicators in Solomons

4:28 pm on 1 July 2014

A director at the United Nation's children's agency, UNICEF, says she is shocked by some of the poor indicators of health and well-being for children in Solomon Islands.

The organisation's deputy executive director for external affairs and emergencies has just completed a tour of the Pacific.

Yoka Brandt says she found quality of life indicators for children in Solomons to be worse than expected.

"About 33 percent of the children are actually stunted which is the result of chronic under nutrition. I was also quite shocked by the level of violence, including against children, and things like low immunisation rates. I think I would have expected those indicators to be a little bit better."

Yoka Brandt says visited Solomons communities displaced by the flooding in April and she says the organisation is continuing its recovery efforts.