26 Jun 2014

Nauru finds more refugees

7:47 pm on 26 June 2014

More of Australia's asylum seekers on Nauru have been found to be refugees.

The Nauru government says another 15 determinations have been announced with 13 people qualifying as refugees.

This takes to 73 the number declared refugees in the past month - with a handful of people unsuccessful.

Australian leaders have said on a number of occasions that few of the people in the camps would qualify for refugee status - that most of them were so called economic refugees.


Nauru Photo: Supplied

The refugees will now go into the community, with the two family groups moving into accommodation in different parts of the island.

Two single men will be in a hostel adjacent to the asylum seeker camps that still hold more than 1100 people.

The resettled refugees are free to move around the island, seek employment and be part of the community.