24 Jun 2014

Cook Islands pharmacy upset it can't provide flu vaccines

3:33 pm on 24 June 2014

The Cook Islands Trading Company pharmacy says it's heartbreaking not being able to supply customers with this year's flu vaccinations.

The company has been trying for more than a month to get 620 influenza vaccinations shipped to Rarotonga, but the New Zealand vaccine company is refusing to freight the products.

CITC pharmacy manager, Shannon Saunders, says she was told there are worries about the freight temperature control.

She says it's already half way through influenza season and companies have invested in the flu vaccines so frontline staff, many involved in the tourism industry, can stay healthy.

"This is something that has normally been quite reliable. People are being very, very understanding, but at the same time when they have staff that get sick, they are then coming in and saying, if only we had this a month ago like we normally would."

Shannon Saunders says she has been trying to make other arrangements to have the vaccines shipped, but it's been proving difficult.