23 Jun 2014

Pacfic fisheries embrace tablets for observer reports

3:04 pm on 23 June 2014

Papua New Guinea's fisheries authority says it will start using new technology to help observers on fishing boats to record data on catches.

Undercurrent News reports the National Fisheries Authority will use Android tablets and satellite transmitters as part of an upgrade that will help observers record and upload the information quickly and with more accuracy.

The electronic catch documentation system will also help save money, with the WWF helping to purchase the equipment.

The Marshall Islands fishery has also supported the initiative, with the Director of its authority, Glen Joseph, saying the technology will enhance the management of the Parties to the Nauru Agreement Vessel Day Scheme and will assist sustainability measures.

The new technology will avoid the need for additional workers to decipher and re-enter data from handwritten log sheets, which often results in misinterpretations and errors.