20 Jun 2014

PNG police lacked courtesy, says Enga Governor

7:10 pm on 20 June 2014

A member of the Papua New Guinea government says they are fed up with people tarnishing the country's name in the media.

The Governor of Enga, Peter Ipatas, has leapt to the defence of his embattled Prime Minister, Peter O'Neill whose office has become engulfed in fallout over a major corruption probe.

Mr O'Neill's lawyers this week successfully sought a stay order on an arrest warrant served on him on Monday in relation to his alleged role in illegal payments to a law firm.

Mr Ipatas says media have wrongly portrayed the Prime Minister as evading the law.

However he says police treatment of Mr O'Neill was uncalled for.

"Police didn't have the courtesy to even inform him properly before getting a warrant of arrest. You can't have people going around getting a warrant of arrest for a Prime Minister of a nation. Prime Minister of a nation is the highest, you know, person in a country."

Peter Ipatas