20 Jun 2014

Samoa village expects much more for its land

2:22 pm on 20 June 2014

The village council for Toamua in Samoa is demanding two and a half million US dollars for land the Government wants for a water reserve at Tapatapao.

The village has so far got a 150 thousand US dollar part payment for the land but it is yet to sign a memorandum of understanding because, the council argues, the Government is grossly undervaluing the nearly 33 hectares of land.

The council is hoping the Government will consider their independent valuer's assessment which is double the Government's current value for the land.

Our correspondent reports sources in the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment saying negotiations are still underway with the village.

A survey of the land is to be carried out as some of the natural resources, such as valleys and rivers, are under the Ministry's authority and ownership.