19 Jun 2014

PNG political storm fosters public anger

8:10 pm on 19 June 2014

Public frustration is mounting in Papua New Guinea about the political storm surrounding the Prime Minister's implication in a major corruption case.

This follows police attempts to arrest Peter O'Neill over his alleged role in illegal payments made to a law firm, stemming from an extensive probe by the anti-corruption unit Taskforce Sweep.

Mr O'Neill's subsequent moves to sack the Attorney General and disband Taskforce Sweep have triggered public outcry.

Furthermore, Mr O'Neill has made a controversial appointment to acting police chief as a stay was put on his arrest warrant.

A university student in Port Moresby, Nimi Atane, says the perception is growing that Mr O'Neill considers himself above the law.

"That such a person who has a big, high up office like this, can do something like this. It is not good for the whole country and the people as well. So they are not happy. So they are waiting for the university students, the five universities in the country, to lead a protest, and then they can just fall in line to join the big group."

Nimi Atane