19 Jun 2014

Vanuatu Govt told not to ignore women

9:19 am on 19 June 2014

The Vanuatu National Council of Women says it wants the government to stop treating women like they don't exist when it comes to workforce development.

The National Council of Women is taking part in the Public Forum on the governments National Sustainable Development Plan for 2016 - 2030.

It's the first time the public is being involved in such planning.

The president of the council, Blandine Boulekone, says it's difficult for women, even those who are highly qualified, to get jobs in government or recognition of their role in the workplace.

"Most of the time, if you see around the shops around Port Vila, a lot of women are totally underpaid. And also, when the government is doing some training in agriculture or fisheries or things like that, if you see the newspaper, it is always full of men, you don't find the women, but they are also part of this development."

Blandine Boulekone says while good labour laws exist in the country, they are often not applied, and this needs to change.