18 Jun 2014

PNG police chief appointment questioned

11:26 am on 18 June 2014

The appointment of Geoffrey Vaki as Papua New Guinea's acting Police Commissioner has some worried within the police force.

Mr Vaki was appointed on Monday to replace Tom Kulunga, who voluntarily stepped down as commissioner after being sentenced to 7 months in prison on Friday.

The sentence was for contempt of court convictions related to Kulunga's failure to reinstate Mr Vaki after he was previously suspended as a deputy commissioner of operations.

However sources at Police Headquarters told the Post Courier that interference by the Government in overlooking current senior officers for the role of Police Commissioner is a slap in the face for them and the appointment will be challenged.

Mr Vaki has been in the force for 44 years, has held a variety of senior roles and is well-qualified.

However police sources say there are questions on his impartiality amid police attempts to arrest the Prime Minister over his alleged involvement in a major corruption case.