17 Jun 2014

2 casino licences suggested for CNMI's Saipan

4:37 pm on 17 June 2014

One of the applicants for the single casino licence on the Northern Marianas island of Saipan is suggesting that two licences be issued.

Marianas Stars Entertainment wants the CNMI Government to consider awarding two licences to develop integrated casino resorts.

In an open letter published in Saipan's two newspapers, Marianas Stars says this would be ideal if both applicants meet the qualifications.

It says it would promote competition and double public revenue.

The Governor Eloy Inos says such an approach would mean starting the whole process all over again, which could include throwing out the current bids from Marianas Stars and Best Sunshine International.

The House floor leader Ralph Demapan says changing the rules in the middle of the game invites lawsuits and other concerns.