17 Jun 2014

Call for Solomons miner to consult the people

9:24 am on 17 June 2014

A Solomon Islands anti-corruption watchdog is calling for a mining company to have a proper resettlement plan in place before going ahead with mining on Rennell Island.

Transparency Solomon Islands says the Asia Pacific Investment and Development company has applied to the Ministry of Mines for a license to mine bauxite on West Rennell.

Solomon Islands dancers

Solomon Islands dancers Photo: RNZ

A spokesperson for the group, Daniel Fenua, says the company has estimated almost half the landowners, who sit on top of the bauxite deposit, would need to be resettled.

Mr Fenua says the miner must put concrete plans in place for resettlement and properly consult landowers.

"If there is no proper plan you know the chances of people suffering at the end of the mining or during the process are higher so we think accountability is not just only about them trying to bring benefits or development to the people but also consulting more people in the process."

Daniel Fenua says he understands the Mines and Mineral Board is expected to make a decision on the licence very soon.