17 Jun 2014

Economic empowerment for Solomons' women

9:24 am on 17 June 2014

A saving scheme for women in Gizo in Solomon Islands has been set up to help improve their economic status and help them establish their own businesses.

The Women's Saving Club was developed as the micro-finance component of a fisheries project, which looks at ways the income and food security of the fishing communities can be improved in Gizo.

It is funded by WWF Australia, Australian Aid and John West Australia.

The WWF Solomon Islands country manager, Shannon Seeto, says 500 women have already started saving and contributed a total of US$11,000.

He says the next phase of the project will begin in July, when the women will be taught how to set up small businesses and basic accounting.

"They're the ones who really look after their families. They think about the future, and the challenges for women regarding finances to look after the finances. I think it's important for the women to have this opportunity, it just provides them with empowerment to manage their own funds to use their own funds to what their needs are."

The Solomon Islands WWF country manager, Shannon Seeto.