16 Jun 2014

Inter-Samoa flights could get bigger plane

2:46 pm on 16 June 2014

Polynesian Airlines says it hopes to lease an aircraft while its twin otter plane is grounded for maintenance.

The plane will be out of commission for a month from this Wednesday during one of the busiest travel seasons on the inter-Samoa route.

The airline's new General Manager Seiuli Tuala Alvin says they hope to secure a replacement aircraft, and he is thinking long-term about a bigger plane to service the increasingly popular route.

"We need to start to expand a little bit in terms of getting a larger aircraft that can service this market. This market is our core market and we need to look after it, so we probably will be working closely with our people here and with our board and minister. "

The new General Manager of Polynesian Airlines, Seiuli Tuala Alvin.