12 Jun 2014

HIV sufferers in PNG dying unnecessarily

10:09 am on 12 June 2014

Papua New Guinea's national body for people living with HIV says some people are dying because they're not taking their medication properly, and better access to counselling and education services are needed.

The body, Igat Hope, says four people on anti-retroviral treatment died recently.

It's president, John West Torie, says he believes the drugs are working, but some think that once they start to look and feel better, they can stop taking the medication.

He says others also face pressure from different religious groups to believe they're healed, and as a result stop taking medication.

So we've gotta remind them that regardless of that, the good Lord has given us the knowledge, the drugs are the result of the knowledge that he has given us, so please take your drugs...counselling in itself would remind us of adhering to the drugs, about all these other little things that can make life so that you can live longer with HIV, and I think we lack that support.

The president of Igat Hope, John West Torie.