10 Jun 2014

Plans to taken PNG eviction to UN

5:54 pm on 10 June 2014

A United Kingdom research centre says it will continue to support residents evicted from a popular squatter settlement in Papua New Guinea.

It says it will take the plight of the people at Paga Hill in Port Moresby to the UN's Special Rapporteur on Housing.

The International State Crime Initiative has condemned the handling of the eviction of residents from Paga Hill.

About 300 people were moved from Upper Paga Hill to alternate land at Six Mile in Port Moresby, and police have denied residents were forcibly evicted.

However the PNG co-ordinator for the Initiative, Kristian Lasslett, says police and other men were armed with bush knives and axes, and threatened to cut people who took pictures.

Dr Lasslett says the International State Crime Initiative will continue to support the Paga Hill community and will be bringing their case to a range of international bodies.