10 Jun 2014

Sport: Hoornweg says Fiji Pearls need to consolidate in Pacific

11:21 am on 10 June 2014

The outgoing Fiji netball coach Julie Hoornweg says while winning test matches is the ultimate goal, maintaining high performance levels and improving on the court is equally important.

Hoornweg led the Pearls to a fifth successive Pacific Series title at the weekend, as Fiji swept Samoa, Papua New Guinea and the Cook Islands in Rarotonga.

Fiji have not lost a test match at this level in each of those five series triumphs but Hoornweg says there is still plenty to learn at this level.

"They have little opportunity to play anyone above them but they need to consolidate at this level first, and I think they're doing that. They need to be able to string together some quality netball and statistically be using the ball well and shooting well and all of those sorts of things, which is a launching pad to playing tougher opponents, so they've got to now build to playing the likes of Malawi and South Africa".

Fiji Netball says a replacement for Hoornweg will be named shortly.