10 Jun 2014

PNG revises criticism of Manus report

7:36 am on 10 June 2014

The Papua New Guinea Attorney General, Kerenga Kua, says PNG's Deputy Police Commissioner was misunderstood when he criticised the Australian report into violence at the Manus Island detention camp.

Australia's Cornal report largely blamed Papuan New Guinean police, security personnel and locals for the violence which claimed the life of asylum seeker Reza Barati.

Don Wiseman has more:

"Deputy Commissioner Simon Kauba says the Cornal report hampered their own investigation. But he says they did find no PNG police officers were involved in the violence. He also raised concerns at the lack of co-operation from relevant Australian Government agencies. Mr Kauba says he could not rely on the report and Kerenga Kua says that is because PNG Police, if they are to bring charges, must conduct their own investigation. Meanwhile the Australian Immigration Minister, Scott Morrison, has told PNG media Australian agencies should co-operate with PNG police. And the PNG Minister of Foreign Affairs, Rimbink Pato, says a separate PNG Government's investigation into the administration of the camp should be out in days."