9 Jun 2014

Vodafone says no illegal surveillance in Fiji

2:31 pm on 9 June 2014

Vodafone Fiji says a new report by its parent company shows it is not conducting any illegal surveillance.

The global telecommunications company says the report shows how it complies with surveillance laws in the 29 countries in which it operates, including Fiji.

Vodafone Fiji's Managing Director Aslam Khan says the 760 cases listed in the report under Vodafone Fiji relate to call records provided to the police.

He says Vodafone has not been recording telephone conversations and only releases metadata when a warrant is produced.

"The only thing we do provide, on production of search warrant, is the Call Detail Recording (CDR) which is date, time, number called, duration, as well as call type which is 'call' or 'text'. That's all."

Aslam Khan says the Fiji government has never approached Vodafone requesting the private data of its customers.