9 Jun 2014

Boats needed for cattle exports from Tinian

11:43 am on 9 June 2014

Tinian cattle farmers are urging the CNMI government to help them transport livestock to Guam, which recently opened cattle imports from the Commonwealth.

Tinian Mayor Ramon Dela Cruz said livestock exports to Guam are being hindered by the lack of suitable boats.

He said exporting cattle and other livestock to the southernmost island of the Marianas chain could prove to be a big windfall for Tinian's ranchers since live animals are more expensive in Guam than slaughtered ones.

The going rate for one head of cattle on Tinian is US$600, but Mr Dela Cruz expects to double that at the market in Guam.

He says there is potential for exports of pigs, goats, and other livestock.

Tinian is poised to increase its cattle herd two-fold by next year.