6 Jun 2014

NZ's MA60 advisory to be revisited

3:55 pm on 6 June 2014

The New Zealand prime minister, John Key, says the foreign ministry may be asked to extend its travel advisory about the Chinese-made MA60 plane now in force for Tonga.

Last year, New Zealand issued the advisory after China gifted Tonga a new MA60 plane and the foreign minister, Murray McCully, suspended millions of dollars in tourism aid because he didn't approve of its certification in Tonga.

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Photo: RNZ

Wellington has been silent about other countries using the same plane while it is not known if the concerns have been raised with the manufacturer.

Mr Key says he will ask the ministry to revisit its position.

"But if there's a plane operating that's the same as the MA60 that's operating in other countries and the warning's not there then I'll ask MFAT to look at that but it's nothing specific to Tonga."

The New Zealand prime minister, John Key