6 Jun 2014

CNMI casino application to be vetted

1:14 pm on 6 June 2014

The Tinian Casino Gaming Control Commission has given a company four months for a review of a casino licence application in the Northern Marianas.

The company is to vet the application of Mega Stars Overseas Ltd's license application to take over and operate Tinian Dynasty Hotel and Casino.

The contract to check the application has gone to Gaming Integrated Services.

The CEO of Mega Stars, Cario Hon, has expressed his frustrations that the Commission appears to be making Mega Stars go through hoops before making the sale of Tinian Dynasty official.

Last month, the Commission returned Mega Stars' application by a 4-0 vote, citing the investor's failure to execute the proper forms necessary as part of the application process.

Mega Stars has already spent more than 40 million US dollars to keep the struggling casino resort afloat.

It is also planning to spend an additional 600 million US dollars to develop a new resort on Tinian's Kastiyu Plateau.