5 Jun 2014

Kiribati seeks solutions to health issues

6:45 pm on 5 June 2014

Kiribati's Ministry of Health says it is consulting widely with the community to find ways of solving problems stemming from over population.

The Health Outreach Programme for Equity known as HOPE is aiming to boost prevention of non-communicable diseases, family health and community health resources.

Dr Teatao Tiira says overcrowding is a big issue in urban areas of Kiribati and there are a number of health indicators the Ministry is wanting to address through the village meetings.

"Water quality is going down, even the food security is there, the gender based violence is also an issue, and even the NCDs are also related to over crowding because people they don't have land to plant the crops that they used to eat in the past, they don't have spaces for exercise."

Dr Tiira says the Ministry wants to empower people to take more responsiblity for maintaining their own health.