4 Jun 2014

Fiji First claimant fights back

10:37 am on 4 June 2014

The leader of a Fiji political group which claims the same name as the regime-backed party says they will fight the election under a variation of the Fiji First name.

Last week, the Registrar of Political Parties dismissed the group's objection to the registration of the FijiFirst party, led by Rear Admiral Frank Bainimarama, saying the claim lacked evidence.

The decision also pointed out the Bainimarama-led party's name and logo was different from the Fiji 1st Party which contains a numeral.

The rival group's Anit Singh says the decision has left open the use of the numeral and they've applied again to be registered.

"We now have written our letter to the Registrar and said please consider Fiji 1st's registration now. We've got a different logo and a different name."

Mr Singh says it is not a ploy and they are serious about fighting the election.