3 Jun 2014

Samoa tourism welcomes NZ help

2:59 pm on 3 June 2014

Tourism officials in Samoa are excited about the contribution from New Zealand's government to help boost the tourism industry.

New Zealand's Prime Minister announced this morning that New Zealand would spend nearly 900,000 US dollars towards upgrading important visitor attractions.

Today John Key visited several of Samoa's attractions included the Moegaa Manaia Beach Fales as well as the To Sua trench.

The Marketing and Promotions Manager at Samoa Tourism Authority, Dwayne Bentley, has welcomed the help.

"It's fantastic news, I mean in terms of increasing Samoa's appeal as a visitor destination it bodes really well. I think that for us all, it's just about, just that whole partnership. Just making sure that it does make a meaningful contribution to Samoa's economic and social development."

Dwayne Bentley from Samoa Tourism Authority.