28 May 2014

Review of Fiji government-owned media needed - PDP

4:43 pm on 28 May 2014

The People's Democratic Party in Fiji is calling for an urgent review of government-owned media outlets in the country.

The party leader, Felix Anthony, says public broadcasters FBC TV and Radio Fiji are controlled by the government, and other media outlets are indirectly controlled through government decrees.

Mr Anthony says this results in unbalanced and unfair reporting.

He says if elected to government in September, reviewing media laws will be high on the PDP's agenda.

"While we don't believe that it would be wrong for government to have ownership, it is wrong for the government to interfere. PDP will ensure that this never happens again. Even if it should decide that the ownership should remain, there must be safeguards put in place, by law, to ensure there is no control in the future."

Felix Anthony says the Media Industry Development Authority has been quick to pounce on media outlets that report on any negative issues about the government.

He says this is unacceptable and has forced the media to self-censor.