27 May 2014

Manus asylum seekers threatened by PNG locals

7:36 pm on 27 May 2014

Australia's Refugee Action coalition says asylum seekers at Australia's Manus Island detention centre in Papua New Guinea were today involved in an incident involving machete wielding locals.

The coalition's spokesperson, Ian Rintoul, says 15 asylum seekers from a compound within the centre were being escorted to play football at an oval in the centre.

He says that before they got to the oval, they were confronted by ten Manus locals who threatened to kill them with their machetes, forcing them, and their Transfield guard to run back to the safety of the compound.

This comes a day after the Australian government released a report into fatal violence at the centre in February, that recommended a range of measures be implemented to improve security and welfare at the centre.

Mr Rintoul says the incident exposes the danger that remains for asylum seekers at Manus Island.