21 May 2014

Suspended Nauru MPs doing their job - NZ MP

7:44 pm on 21 May 2014

The spokesperson on foreign affairs for the New Zealand Labour Party, David Shearer, says he hopes the Nauru Government will quickly re-instate 3 MPs it suspended last week.

The Opposition MPs, Dr Kieren Keke, Mathhew Batsiua and Roland Kun were suspended from Parliament, with the Government claiming they had blackened the country's name overseas.

Mr Shearer, who is also in opposition, says it is the job of oppositions to ensure government are held to account.

"Sometimes it will look like it is trying to blacken or sully its [ the country's] reputation but so long as it is kept in the context of making or keeping the Government accountable, I think that is perfectly acceptable and I think that is what happens in every democracy. And I would hope that Nauru is able to see that."

New Zealand MP David Shearer.

The 3 Nauru MPs have been seeking an independent legal opinion on their removal.