16 May 2014

Ambulance crash leaves one dead in Marshalls

11:39 am on 16 May 2014

In the Marshall Islands, a hospital ambulance driver transporting a patient to the emergency room caused one death and multiple injuries when he crashed after attempting to pass on a two-lane bridge in the capital, Majuro.

Witnesses say the ambulance, which was driving at high speed with its emergency lights flashing, began passing vehicles on the uphill portion of a bridge as it headed from a rural section of Majuro to the hospital.

But as it neared the top of the bridge, an oncoming vehicle appeared in its path, so the ambulance driver swerved back into his lane crashing into the back of a power utility crane truck that it had been attempting to pass.

Officials say a nurse, who was reportedly riding in the front passenger seat of the ambulance, died at the crash scene.

One of those injured in the crash, a student, is reported to be in the intensive care unit.