15 May 2014

Samoan government urged to rethink fishing act

3:28 pm on 15 May 2014

A parliamentary committee in Samoa is warning the government if it allows bigger fishing companies from countries like Taiwan into protected waters it could impact negatively on an already struggling industry.

This comes as the government is considering amending an act to allow large fishing vessels to catch in the country's 25 mile zone.

The Samoa Observer says this has led to fears for the future of Apia Export Fish Packers.

The Chair of the Primary Production, Commerce, Industry and Labour Committee says it's imperative the government help save the local business.

It says the company has helped fishing development in Samoa, contributing to the country's economy and it should receive government assistance in times of trouble.

The committee says the Ministry of Agiculture is likely to give a Taiwanese fishing company the opportunity to enter Samoa's 25 mile Exclusive Economic Zone by amending the Act.